An Arthur Dent waiting to happen (beldar) wrote in trubookreviews,
An Arthur Dent waiting to happen

Where did the time go?

I truly meant to post more reviews here, but it seems procrastination had gotten the better of me. This doesn't mean I haven't been reading -- on the contrary. My car's radio doesn't work, but the tape player does (it had a CD player, too, but that's gone wonky) so I've been steadily "reading" audiobooks on my workday commute.

Here's my list of books read and listened to, after Kings "Lisey's Story," in 2007:
(*short story collections)
“The Cobra Event” Richard Preston
“Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” JK Rowling
“Lullaby” Chuck Palahnuik
His Dark Materials trilogy, William Pullman
“Monkeewrench” PJ Tracy
*“12 Red Herrings” Jeffrey Archer
*“To Cut a Long Story Short” (most of it) Jeffrey Archer
“Fight Club” Chuck Palahnuik
“Dreamcatcher” Stephen King
“The Fourth Estate” Jeffrey Archer
“Cell” Stephen King
*“Everything’s Eventual” (all but Dark Tower story) Stephen King
“Boat of Dreams” Richard Preston

Any of these y'all want to see a review of, or just have a question about?
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