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Don Quixote update

Alright, I'm embarrassed to admit this but...

I have GOT to take a break from this book! I'm only on page 165 out of 891 and I've been reading it for two and a half weeks! I'm a fast reader typically but I start reading the droning conversations between the Don and Sancho and I find the words starting to blur. For Heaven's sake even Hamlet wasn't as long winded as Sancho.

And let me just give you the gist of what I've read so far in these 165 pages...forgive my crassness but there's just no better way to put it:

Quixada reads too many fantasies and, being a bored gentleman farmer, loses his mind and decides he's the knight errant Don Quixote and his broken down horse is the noble steed Rocinante (which is basically the Spanish term for broken down horse)

Leaving his home he travels to an inn where he stands outside guarding his armour all night (which consists of a partially cardboardesque helmet and half broken lance) and beats up two innocent goat herders he believes were trying to steal it. (They were in fact trying to get a drink of water.)

He gets coerced out of the inn by the innkeeper who "knights" him (to get this crazy lunatic the hell out of his inn) and, in the manner of returning the innkeeper's generosity, refuses to pay for his stay, because knights shouldn't have to pay.

He runs into a thief being beaten by the man he stole from and stops the beating swaring to avenge the man if he is beaten again, only to leave just in time for the thief to be beaten again.

He gets beat up on the way home by some innocent people he attacked (thinking they were villians).

He runs into Sancho who, being quite stupid, believes Quixote to be a knight, and leaves his wife and family after being promised an island for his trouble. Sancho becomes the literal Pancho to Quixote's Cisco Kid.

Now to Readers Digest the rest:

They fight a set of windmills (mistaken for giants)...the windmills win.
They get their asses kicked
They get their asses kicked
Quixote battles someone almost as delusional as he is, they both kick each others ass.
They get their asses kicked
They get their asses kicked
They drink some liquid that makes them both throw up (in Sancho's case he not only throws up but suffers from severe diahearra which he happily relieves himself from by pulling down his pants while he's still on his donkey. I have to admit that exchange between Don and Sancho was pretty funny. Very Abbott and Costello-ish.)
They get their asses kicked.

Now this is only as far as page 165 and the next chapter of the book starts by saying "The continuing misfortunes of Sancho and Don Quixote when they...."

I'm depressed for them while at the same time being amused.

I've got to take a break but I'm not giving up on the book. I'm going to read The Scarlet Pimpernel (which will forever be The Scarlet Pumpernickel to me) because I've never read it nor seen the movies and it's short. It shouldn't take me long, it will be a nice breather and then I can get back to the Don and Sancho's shenanigans.

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